Rosemarked #2
 Livia Blackburne
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Publication Date: November 6, 2018
 Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
Age Range: 12 and up
Available Formats: Hardcover, eBook, Audiobook
ISBN: 978-1484788578
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How do you fight a war when the enemy is within?

The mission was a failure. Even though Zivah and Dineas discovered a secret that could bring down the empire, their information is useless without proof. Now, with their cover blown and their quest abandoned, their only remaining hope is to get home before Ampara brings the full might of its armies against their peoples.

As Shidadi and Dara alike prepare for war, Zivah and Dineas grapple with the toll of their time in the capital. After fighting alongside the Amparans against his own kin, can Dineas convince the Shidadi—and himself—where his loyalties lie? After betraying her healer’s vows in Sehmar City, can Zivah find a way to redeem herself—especially when the Dara ask her to do the unthinkable? And after reluctantly falling in love, what will the two do with their lingering feelings, now that the Dineas from Sehmar City is gone forever? Time is running out for all of them, but especially Zivah whose plague symptoms surface once again. Now, she must decide how she’ll define the life she has left.

Together, healer and warrior must find the courage to save their people, expose the truth, and face the devastating consequences headed their way.

Perfect for fans of Sabaa Tahir and Tomi Adeyemi, this epic fantasy novel delves into complex ethical dilemmas and has palpable tension between the two romantic leads.


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“Blackburne adds to the construction of her story with strong thematic bricks, exploring ideas such as loyalty and trust, as well as compassion and inner peace. With careful consideration of these ideas, UMBERTOUCHED stands above other fantasy stories…”  —Teen Reads

“This is an engrossing story with potential for deep discussion on loyalty, ethics, and the true meaning of strength.” –Booklist


“Livia Blackburne has allowed her characters to push this story ahead with raw emotions, desperate missions, deadly battles, hard-fought decisions that will continue to haunt throughout this incredibly intense tale. This is more than a fantasy, it is a story of love and loss, longing and belonging and giving one’s all for those they love, consequences be damned. It’s a story of the search for inner peace and acceptance of an unknown future. Vile villains, strong heroes, and all of the unfairness in life boldly colors this amazing tale. From start to finish, there isn’t a wasted word, a wasted scene or a wasted emotion. I can’t recommend UMBERTOUCHED or ROSEMARKED enough!” —Tome Tender

“THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD BOOK. Holy crap. This was seriously so emotionally draining for me that I had to just sit there for a few days and stew over everything that happened, because otherwise my review would have just been a 25 minute audio recording of me crying and blubbering into the microphone. Umbertouched expanded and improved upon everything that occurred in Rosemarked, and I’m so happy that the series concluded in such a realistic and beautiful way.” —Rachael’s Reviews

“Lives up to and surpasses the first book.” —Shenwei‘s Reviews


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