Story Writing Workshop Lesson Plans

This past July, I ran a week long creative writing camp for middle and high school students. We had a ton of fun, and the students wrote some great stories! After the camp, I revised my materials and expanded on them for other teachers to use.

“This bundle… this bundle changed how I view fiction forever. This is beneficial for students and made their writing overall 10 times better. This also had them analyzing fiction as readers better, since they know the craft. I highly recommend this to any ELA teacher. They love being creative and this guides their creativity towards amazing directions. I’ve read some of the best writing of my career after using this resource. It’s a staple in my curriculum now!” —Miss Burkholder from Teachers Pay Teachers 

GET THE ENTIRE BUNDLE AND SAVE OVER 20%! Or check out individual lessons below. (Lesson one is free)

Lesson One: Introduction to Storytelling (Free download)
Lesson Two: Freewriting and Idea Generation
Lesson Three: Building Strong Characters
Lesson Four: Plot
Lesson Five: Setting and Description
Lesson Six: Revision
Lesson Seven: Book Cover Design

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