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My new novel Feather and Flame launches 11/30/2021, and I’m thrilled at the early reception. The early reviews for the book have been great and here are some of my favorites.

“Stays true to the Disney canon while adding depth and maturity.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Yes, yes, YES. This is how you write a Disney spin-off novel. I love Mulan and I absolutely loved the way the author handled her story and the what if’s of the “Happily Ever After”, especially considering Mulan got less of one than most. . . . This was a celebration of femininity, loyalty, and the importance of believing in yourself. It held true to the messages of the beloved classic, while improving upon some of the lesser aspects and proving as a valuable story for readers of all ages.” – Maddie from Goodreads 

” I loved the messages of confidence, self-worth, empowerment, determination, love, and loyalty. Such a great book, with a great message, and an excellent ending. A perfect addition to this series.” – Rachel from Goodreads 

“SHAAAAAAANG!!!!!! AHFDSFALJKFSDAHKsdjdsfskjda” – Emmy from Goodreads

If this sounds like your cup of tea, I hope you’ll consider preordering Feather and Flame. Why preorder? Because publishers monitor these numbers carefully, and a strong preorder performance often translates into more marketing and effort behind the book.

For a little added incentive, I’ve put together some swag packets for people who preorder. There are two offers.

Offer 1: Anyone who submits proof of preorder (from any store) will receive…

1. A signed FEATHER AND FLAME bookmark
2. A signed FEATHER AND FLAME bookplate

Email proof of preorder to before June 14, 2022. Please include your mailing address in the body of your email, formatted so that it can be copied straight onto a mailing label. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to personalize bookplates for offer 1. This offer is open internationally.

Offer 2: Anyone who preorders from Once Upon a Time, my local indie bookstore, will receive…

1. Everything included in offer 1
2. A signed, personalized first edition of Feather and Flame

You can place your Once Upon a Time Order here. Because of shipping limitations, this offer is US Only.

Preorder Feather and Flame here:
Hardcover: Once Upon a Time (signed and personalized)| Bookshop | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Blackwell’s (free international shipping)

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