Book Plates for Preorders and Random Thoughts from Ontario Teen Bookfest

First of all, the event page for MIDNIGHT THIEF’s official launch signings in Los Angeles and Boston are live!

Second, the preorder promotion! Generally, going forward, I hope to offer special deals and freebies to people who follow me via blog/social media/mailing list. With self published works, it will usually be a discounted price. With traditionally published books I can’t change the price, so it has to be something else.

Those who are familiar with the publishing industry know how important preorders are to a book’s success. Publishers monitor these numbers get an idea of how well the book will sell, and this in turn informs how they approach the marketing, print runs, etc.

From now until July 7th, if you email me proof of preorder for MIDNIGHT THIEF along with your mailing address, I’ll mail you a signed bookplate and bookmark. 

1.  My email address is liviablackburne[at]gmail[dot]com. You can include a name if you want the bookplate signed to anyone in particular, and feel free to obscure any credit card/other sensitive info when you email your receipts.
2. Feel free to get MIDNIGHT THIEF at any vendor your prefer.  Though if you plan to attend any of my in-person signings in Los Angeles, Boston, or Albuquerque, please consider buying your book at the event in order to support that venue and ensure their ability to host future signings (no need to preorder in this case, though an RSVP to the event would be helpful!). And of course, I’ll happy to sign your book and give you a bookmark in person
3.  Update: Crystal brought up the good point that some people prefer to support their local indie, and not all independent bookstores do preorders.  So, for those folks, feel free to email me receipts up to July 21st.

Here’s a picture of the bookmark. (Thanks to Amber at Me, Myshelf, and I!).

I haven’t settled on a bookplate yet, but I’m leaning toward this one:

And finally, a few random observations, pictures, and tweets from Ontario Teen Bookfest (along with some blurry pictures.  I’m horrible about pictures.)


Courtney Saldana, the event organizer, is a miracle worker. Seriously, everything ran like clockwork.  



I was worried about the public speaking, but had tons of fun! Shocking fact: book festival audiences are much nicer than critical academic audiences and happier to be there than undergraduate students taking a class. Also, if you laugh at my jokes, I will basically be your friend for life.



Someone at the festival said that YA authors are the nicest people in the world. And I have to agree. All the authors there were so friendly, and I had a great time getting to know them.



And readers too! So great to meet so many people who were enthusiastic about books, ranging from preteens on up. They asked great questions and smiled a lot. And laughed at my jokes.



MIDNIGHT THIEF!!! On a bookshelf!!! The picture’s blurry because I’d run out to take it right before my panel started because I suddenly got worried that the display would have gaps in it by the time we finished. And it turned out well — the books sold out by about lunchtime! 🙂



All in all, it was a great first festival book experience. If you’re ever in Southern California this time of year, definitely check out the Ontario Teen Book Fest!

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