Ever notice that it’s much easier to come out with bad book titles than good ones?  Here are some rejected titles for the sequel to Midnight Thief.

One AM Thief

Midnight Thief Two:  The Thiefing

Noontime Philanthropist

Silent but Deadly

So…I’m still working on the title, but the good news is that it’s officially sold, once again to my lovely editor Rotem Moscovich at Hyperion Children’s.  It’s tentatively scheduled for July 2015 release. These days you can find me banging my head over working diligently on the first draft.

Hehe, when Agent Jim asked me whether I had a working title for the deal announcement, my first thought was, “Most of the names I currently call this manuscript are not fit for polite conversation.”  But that’s pretty much par for the course as far as drafting goes.  I’ll be very happy once this thing is all laid out on paper. 😛  Give me editing over drafting any day!

In other news, Midnight Thief got its first trade review from School Library Journal.  Here it is!

Gr 7 Up–Seventeen and long orphaned, Kyra has grown up using her natural speed and stealth to thieve her way through life on Forge’s streets. James, the Assassins Guild’s attractive and politically minded young leader, recruits Kyra with handsome rewards for herself and her friends, but at what cost? Kyra’s dangerous new job turns deadly, and she finds her mission entangled with that of a Palace knight, Tristam, who seeks vengeance for his friend killed by Demon Riders, barbarians who ride on the backs of vicious wildcats. Third-person alternating narratives between Kyra and Tristam effectively set the pace and tension leading up to their unlikely alliance and thrilling discovery of Kyra’s heritage. External conflict among the assassins, nobles, and Demon Riders is balanced by Kyra’s internal conflict as she faces harrowing moral decisions that make her question her true nature and the measures she will take to protect loved ones. While earlier chapters read more like medieval-era historical fiction and may not appeal to the most reluctant readers, Blackburne’s fast-paced fantasy will please fans of Leigh Bardugo and Tamora Pierce. This page-turning debut answers immediate questions and provides satisfying character development, while leaving ample room for additional installments.–Hannah Farmer, Austin Public Library, TX