The Quest for Queena Auction

There’s a great charity auction going on right now that I’m happy to be part of.

Reposted from NA Alley:

Back in 2008, Queena was a vibrant eighteen-year-old with her whole life ahead of her. That changed the night she was brutally raped, beaten, and left for dead after dropping books off at the library. The attack left her blind and unable to walk or talk, requiring around-the-clock care.

To get a true feel for her story, please take a moment to watch this video:




This April will mark not only the seventh year since Queena’s attack, but also her twenty-fifth birthday. Now, she can communicate by widening her eyes, smiling, and clenching her fists. Every day, she fights her way through intensive, sometimes experimental therapies, that add up to over $70,000 a year. We’d like to ease her family’s financial burden however we can. It’s our chance to change a real life “New Adult” story

The auction to raise money for Queena is going on right now and will last through Friday, May 1st.  The prizes up for auction include agent critiques, writing related software, and signed books (Midnight Thief and Poison Dance among them). Go check it out!

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