Second Creative Writing Lesson Plan Is Up

This past July, I ran a week long creative writing camp for middle and high school students.  After the camp, I revised my materials and expanded on them for other teachers to use.


Lesson 2: Freewriting and Idea Generation is now available on Teachers Pay Teachers. It’s all about figuring out what to write. Sometimes the muse is ready to meet us, but other times we have to go look for her. This lesson leads students through eleven writing prompts. After they complete the exercise, they pick their favorite idea and develop it into a rough synopsis.

This lesson can be used as a standalone creativity exercise. Alternatively, students can take the synopsis they write here and refine it with the help of later installments of this series.


The creative writing prompts in this lesson are also available on their own as Out-of-the-box Creative Writing Prompts, without the lecture material.

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