Calling All Bloggers, Booktubers, Instagrammers, Tumblrs

Update 8/14/15:  And the winners are….

Emily from Bibliobibuli wins the signed and annotated copy of Poison Dance.

Frannie from Instagram wins the signed and annotated copy of Midnight thief

Erin Arkin from Instagram wins the early draft of Daughter of Dusk



It’s hard to believe, but DAUGHTER OF DUSK launches in just under two months.  I have some fun giveaways planned, but I need your help!  If you have a blog, instagram, tumblr, or youtube account, I’d love to have you as a host for an ARC giveaway!  Here are some more details:

When: The giveaways will occur between now and 9/14/15

What: The blog giveaway will be a rafflecoptor widget you can post. Intagram folks will get a picture of a quote for Daughter of Dusk to post.  Tumblr will probably just involve reposting the contest post. Youtube, I’m still trying to figure out.  I’m thinking a link to the rafflecoptor givevaway as well, but I’m open to suggestions here.

Perks: As a thank you for participating, giveaway hosts will be entered to a special drawing for the following (One entry for each different giveaway you host. International participants welcome):

  1. A signed paperback of POISON DANCE (Which I will annotate with notes and behind-the-scenes info in the margins, if you’d like.)
  2. A signed,  hardcover of MIDNIGHT THIEF (Also, annotated if you wish)
  3. An early bound manuscript of DAUGHTER OF DUSK.  This was a manuscript actually used in the writing process, marked with my editorial notes.

And of course, giveaway hosts will also be entered in the Daughter of Dusk ARC giveaways that they are hosting.

If you’d like to participate, please fill out the google form below!


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