Less than three months until launch, and with that come signings and conventions. I’ve made an Appearances page that has the most up to date information about my events.

Also, we’re starting to get early reader feedback (ack, what a rollercoaster!).  I’m happy to announce that Midnight Thief has been named by the American Bookseller’s Association Indies Introduce program as one of the top children’s debuts of the upcoming season. 🙂

Here’s a nice blurb from one of the panelists:

“This fresh, exciting fantasy follows the adventures of Kyra, a young thief in the city of Forge, and Tristam, a knight whose star is rising. The story is tightly written, with a perfect mix of romance, peril, and mystery. I didn’t want to put this book down, and I’m looking forward to the sequel that will surely come in time. ” —Emily Ring, Inklings Bookshop

The countdown continues…